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Name:Chrono Harlaown
Birthdate:Dec 23
Character: Chrono Harlaown
Series: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha
Version: Movie
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Hetero, not that it matters
Chrono's about four and a half feet tall, probably weighs a little over a hundred pounds, and has an athletic build. He has shortish, sloppily-kept blue-black hair and blue-gray eyes, and he doesn't smile a lot. His clothing of choice is his TSAB uniform and barrier jacket, which is black with gray and gold accents and baggy blue pants. His barrier jacket's active mode also comes with heavy anklets, gauntlets and shoulder spikes, which are bound to attract the wrong kind of attention.

Chrono is by and large a very serious young man. It comes with the territory to some extent, what with him being a law enforcement officer and all.

He's very by the book. He sticks to the rules, and does it well enough that he's risen incredibly far into the Time-Space Administration Bureau's hierarchy at the age of fourteen. Stepping outside those rules or bending them is a rare occurrence for him; hell, he even locks up Nanoha at one point because -she- is breaking laws she didn't even know existed. This is in part due to his family; both his parents and grandparents were TSAB members, and all of them were highly decorated. With that kind of role models, what else could he be, really? The other side of the coin is that he has seen what can happen when the laws he has sworn to enforce are broken. It usually isn't pretty, and the worst case scenarios can be downright ugly.

However, he also has a kind side. Once someone realizes what they have done is wrong, and why, and they show genuine remorse, he usually cuts them some slack - this was the case with both Nanoha and Fate, the latter of which would later become his adopted sister.

Abuse of power is one of Chrono's major ticks. He frowns upon anyone using more power than is necessary to complete a given task, even if he happens to be impressed by the amount of power the individual has (see also: Fate, Nanoha.)

He has a dry, often sarcastic sense of humor that he doesn't let out to play all that often; his normal mien is authoritative and decisive, something that's been drummed into him through most of his young life. Finally, his few close friends and his family are very important to him, and the fear of losing any of them can drive him to great lengths.

Chrono is an athletic young man, with at least some training in basic hand to hand fighting as well as the wielding of blunt weapons. He has a very sharp mind and is good at figuring things out, and he's also (under normal circumstances) a very good judge of character.

Going by canon rankings, Chrono is a AAA class mage with Mid-Childan training. This basically means that he doesn't have a great deal of power when compared to someone like Nanoha, but he has a hell of a lot more experience and craftiness with what power he does have, enabling him to fight on par with S-class and above mages. His Enforcer training also gives him access to offensive, defensive, binding, sealing and healing magic.

Chrono comes with two pieces of magical equipment - his device, Song To You (S2U) and a Barrier Jacket. S2U is a storage device, meaning that it has a higher processing speed than an intelligent device but lacks the latter's ability to offer advice on which spells to use in a given situation, a feature Chrono doesn't really need anymore. S2U is capable of recording both 2D and 3D video (with audio) and playing it back via hologram in its card form, and can even create multiple freefloating monitor screens. In its staff form, it functions as a focus and amplifier for his magic, enabling him to quickly cast spells that would take much longer freehanded. Lastly, S2U functions as a sort of telepathic 2-way radio. This does not extend to mind reading, but there's a good chance a natural telepath could speak with him through it.

His Barrier Jacket is pretty standard stuff, canonically speaking. It absorbs both physical and magical damage. It has three modes: Active, Standby, and Storage. In active mode, there are barrier generators at the shoulders, wrists and ankles, plus a set of gauntlets. In standby mode, the barrier generators are gone and the gauntlets are replaced by gloves. Storage mode is pretty self explanatory, it leaves him in whatever he was wearing prior to activating the Barrier Jacket - usually his Enforcer uniform. The Barrier Jacket will grow with him, tailoring itself to his frame and tastes, and is linked to his storage device.

He's very much a follower of the Rules, and that can be used against him. He's not easy to dupe, though, so be careful how you approach him about it. He uses the minimum amount of power to accomplish a job, and though it doesn't happen often, he has underestimated situations before. On top of that, all of his magic, no matter how flashy or powerful, is designed to be non-lethal to humans and near-humans. Monsters and mechanoids are another story, but if he really needs to put someone down he's going to be better off using a gun. Another point, there: Guns are taboo where he comes from. That's the whole reason they developed magic to such a high degree. His barrier jacket will protect him to some extent, but it won't keep it from hurting like a bastard if he gets shot with anything bigger than a handgun.

Lastly, any damage to his Linker Core can render him unable to use magic for several days (weeks, if he's not allowed to rest) while it regenerates. I'd rather not let this happen, but removing it completely will neuter him magically. This is demonstrated in the Aces series, when the Book of Darkness is used to absorb cores from mages to fill its pages.

Chrono is the son of Lindy and Clyde Harlaown, both TSAB officers with the rank of Admiral. His father passed away when he was three years old, in the Book of Darkness incident of 0054; his mother remains in good health. He has no siblings at the time I'm taking him from.

From early childhood, Chrono devoted himself to his studies with the express intent of following in his parents' footsteps. He was mentored by Aria and Lotte Liese, the twin familiars of Gil Graham, an old friend of the family (and one of Earth's rare mages) who would later turn traitor and attempt to help complete the Book of Darkness with the intent to seal both it and its master in a prison dimension.

Chrono's first canon appearance is as a TSAB Enforcer, intervening in the ongoing battle between Nanoha and Fate to keep them from causing a dimensional quake and potentially destroying a good chunk of the planet. He takes the Jewel Seed they were fighting over into custody, along with Nanoha and Yuuno Scrya, though Fate eludes arrest with the aid of her familiar, Arf. He takes Nanoha and Yuuno back to the Asura, where they are debriefed and deputized to assist in the capture of Fate and the remaining Jewel Seeds. They manage to capture several more before Fate makes a power play to grab the last six, which are located in a relatively small area of ocean off the coast of Japan. Chrono watches from the sidelines as Nanoha joins forces with Fate to seal the rampant Seeds, and the two are on the verge of becoming friends before Fate's mother Precia intervenes. Rejecting her daughter, Precia steals the Seeds Fate (revealed to be a clone of her real daughter, Alicia) has collected. Fate is brought aboard the Asura in a state of deep shock, her device cracked almost to the point of breaking.

Chrono and Nanoha set out to confront Precia once and for all, and are greeted with a vast army of golem soldiers. They decide to split up, with Chrono going after Precia and Nanoha going to take out the ship's reactor. Fate shows up to help, and Lindy suppresses the dimension quake long enough for everyone to reach their goals. Fate confronts her mother, her mother takes a dive into a dimensional rift with Alicia's stasis chamber, and everyone teleports back to the Asura before the Garden can collapse.

In the aftermath, Chrono and Lindy end up adopting Fate and Arf, and they all live happily until the next crisis. Or at least until Chrono disappears...
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